BRY Clémentine
Maitre de Conférence

Département STAPS, UFR CISM
Université de Savoie
73376 Le Bourget du Lac Cedex
STAPS: 04 79 75 81 49
Psycho: 04 79 75 85 89
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articles :

Toma, C., Bry, C. & Butera, F. (soumis). Because I’m worth it! (More than Others…) Cooperation, Competition and Self-Other Bias in Group-Decision Making

Pinelli, M., Pellissier, S., & Bry, C. (Under review). The impact of priming on speed reduction on a ski slope. The Journal of Primary Prevention.

Hall, N., Bry, C., & Spears, R. (en prép, b). The role of audience responses in producing implicit and explicit resistance to sexist communications

Hall, N., Bry, C., & Spears, R. (en prép, a). Sexist jokes provide rooms for manœuvre: the effect of sexist communications on women’s self-perceptions and performance

Bry, C., Hall, N., & Spears, R. (en prép). Confrontation of sexist humour: Lessons from social control.

Pinelli, M., Pellissier, S., Bry, C., & Lebarbenchon, E. (in preparation). How to communicate for universal prevention? Examples for ski injuries primary prevention.

Bry, C., Treinen, E., Corneille, O., & Yzerbyt, V. (2011). Eye’m lovin’it! The role of gazing awareness in mimetic desires. Journal of Experimental Social Psychololgy, 47, 987-993. Télécharger

Bry, C., Gabarrot, F., & Toma, C. (2011). The Blond, the Dumb and the Ugly: self-stereotyping mediates prime-to-behaviour effects, doesn’t it? Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis, 8, 9-20. Télécharger

Bry, C., Meyer, T., Oberlé, D., & Gherson, T. (2009). Effect of priming cooperation or individualism on a collective and interdependent task: Changeover speed in the 4x100m relay race. Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology, 31, 380-389. Télécharger

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Bry, C. (2008). Dis-moi ce que tu perçois et je te dirai ce que tu fais : Effets de la perception sur le comportement et les performances. Revue Electronique de Psychologie Sociale, 2, 17-26 Télécharger

Présentation Articles Chapitres Ouvrages/Rapports Communications Diffusions